Ceilings have the potential to truly change the entire interior of a home. Here at Pompona we know how to transform a regular or damaged ceiling into a fine masterpiece with our popcorn texture and knockdown services. These textured ceilings work to improve a home’s appearance by adding variety and style, while also hiding damage and stains. Ceiling damage can occur easily when a roof leaks, furniture hits it during a move, or simply as time goes by; with a textured ceiling, these eyesores can become invisible as they are hidden beneath the coating.

While the popcorn ceiling has a more pronounced appearance, the knockdown texture is a good fit for those who want the benefits with a more subdued look. Some people would rather avoid textured ceilings since they reached their height in popularity between 1960 and 1980, but have since seen a steady decline in use. If you already have a textured ceiling but want to return it to its normal, smooth condition, we also offer removal services that are safe and effective. Our team will remove your textured ceiling, leaving the area clean and prepared to be painted or finished.